Sport is such a fundamental part of our culture, teaching us about fair play, sticking to the rules, breaking records, teamwork and, of course, winning! There’s nothing like the rush of lifting a trophy over your head, whether you’re a young child in school or a seasoned athlete at an awards ceremony. Here’s why we think resin sports trophies are the best way to celebrate.


#1 – They’re Affordable


Resin is a very affordable material when you’re considering options like metal, crystal, glass or even wood. For school trophies and club sporting trophies, resin trophies are the best option for celebrating achievements without going out of budget.


#2 – They Look Great 


Resin trophies look just as good as anything you’ll see at any premier-level professional sporting event! They can be coated to resemble shiny gold, bronze and silver metals or painted to any colour you can imagine. They’ll look great in any cabinet on any shelf, giving a true sense of pride that’s fitting to an athlete’s accomplishment.


#3 – They’re Versatile


If you can dream it, we can make it out of resin! This is a very malleable substance and can be moulded into all kinds of characters, shapes or objects. This means you can make your sports trophies as unique as you like, letting your school or club put their own stylish flair on every sports trophy.


#4 - They’re Durable


Resin sports trophies are durable and long-lasting, putting up with plenty of wear-and-tear over the years. This makes them a great option for seasonal sports trophies that you want to last through your school’s history. It also means that the winners that receive their trophies get to enjoy them for a lifetime!


#5 – They’re Light


Even though it’s very strong and durable, the resin is also very light, making it easier to store and handle resin sports trophies. It’s also much easier to lift a team trophy over your head in triumph than a metal or wood one!


Recognition ID is one of Australia’s largest leading manufacturers of awards, plaques and medallions, including resin sports trophies.  We have thousands of sports trophies that are manufactured to the highest quality, showcasing the achievements of our sporting heroes at our schools and sports clubs with a well-crafted, high-quality trophy that will last a lifetime. 




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