Engraved custom badges are made from engravable dual layered acrylic. When engraved by laser, the laser beam removes the top colour coat to reveal the colour of the second layer. This creates a great looking two colour badge. A large array of colours are available including brushed finished metal look, textured surfaces and plain colours. In additional to acrylic we are able to engrave on to wood.

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We are able to supply engraved name badges with either a magnet or a pin fixing.

Our engraved name badges can be made in any size and shape. Our most popular name badge size is 73x26mm.

Important Reasons for Wearing Name badges or name tags

Wearing name badges helps build a corporate identity. They also help employees and customers interact better with each other.

In any retail establishment, there are significant benefits to wearing name badges. Some of these benefits include the use of identification in marketing, providing security, identifying employees and other staff, as well as many other positive benefits. Reasons to wear name badges include the following:

Identify Employees and Other Staff

Sometimes, especially in larger retail locations, it can be difficult to remember everyone’s name. By wearing name badges, newer employees and other team members in the company are more able to recognize each other. Name badges also provide accountability for all of your employees. When wearing name tags, it requires that your employees accept responsibility, one, for their actions and two, for the way they treat your customers.

Building Company and Brand Recognition

Name badges can assist in corporate branding. When employees continually wear their name badge in public, a company’s brand is repeatedly advertised. A well-made name badge creates a positive brand impression.

Conversation Starters for Customers

Name badges are an excellent way for customers to start up conversations with employees. They tell the customer who they are working with from the first moment they meet your employee. Identification provides an easy way for customers to distinguish your employees and other staff in your store from other customers. A well-made name badge will often be a conversation starter

Wearing Name Badges Provides Better Security

When you require employees and other staff to wear name tags, you can quickly identify and acknowledge whether or not they belong where they are.

Wearing name badges will always have an essential place in any retail environment. By utilising name badges into your company’s culture, customers will be able to relate better to your employees. Name badges eliminate any barrier between the customer and employees, so try adding these to your business today!