Sport is a very big part of the Australian lifestyle. Our sporting heroes are idolised by both the young and the old and one only needs to spend a Saturday afternoon at a local football or cricket match to see how much the local community enjoys the competition.

As Australia is such a sporty nation, children are exposed to sport and its competitive aspects at an early age. Athletics and sporting carnivals are commonplace in many primary schools around the country. Throughout high school, inter-school sporting leagues, state-wide and even national championships are commonplace.

For many children and young adolescents, it is their success on the sporting field that brings them their social stature and not their academic abilities.

Sports trophies are a great way to recognise the achievements of children and young adults in their chosen sport of choice. Presently, we have thousands of trophies in our library all of various shapes, sizes, colours and depicting different sporting postures. Our range of sports trophies also changes on a regular basis.

Within our library, we have sports trophies for all the major popular sports including athletics, golf, football, basketball soccer and gymnastics. We also have some quite obscure trophies for some lesser-known sports like lacrosse!

Whilst Australia is a very sport-oriented nation, we recognise that is important to acknowledge achievements in other areas (in education) such as music and the arts.

With such a large stockpile of generic, artistic and sports trophies available to purchase, we are confident we have the perfect product for your requirements. Whether it is for a school awards night, a local community football club or the Sunday night men’s basketball team, if you require a trophy to acknowledge an achievement, we’ve got what you need.

Please contact us today to discuss your specific trophy requirements. We can service any sized order, customise your sports trophies to your specifications and deliver the final product promptly.