For the occasions when it is important to recognise the achievements of an individual or group of people, but perhaps a glass or crystal trophy is a little too over the top, a simple wooden plaque with an engraved gold plate is a great alternative.

We have a large selection library of plaques made from a variety of different woods such as walnut, black timber and rosewood. These wood plaques are durable and will last for many years if kept indoors and out of the weather.

An insignia, or three-dimensional logo can be added as an accessory to your plaques, or a generic “off-the-shelf” insignia is available from within our libraries. If you require customisation for your plaques to have a physical logo fixed to the wood, please let us know during the ordering process

The engraved area is typically gold in colour but can also be silver. This is largely dependent on the type of wood chosen for the plaque body. Darker woods, such as the black timber ‘show off’ a silver engraving much more prominently. For the earthier coloured plaques, like a walnut or light walnut we recommend opting for a gold engraving.

Our range of plaques can be purchased individually or in larger quantities. If you require a specific quantity, or variations of different plaques in the one order, we invite you to contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Please keep in mind that a large order with specific engravings will take additional time and may increase the cost pending on the level of customisation needed.

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