If glass is not your first choice as the core material for your trophy requirements, our vast range of crystal trophies might be exactly what you are looking for.

Crystal, as a core material, is manufactured slightly differently than glass, although the final product is similar in appearance. Glass is created by melting the raw materials and rapidly cooling them under certain conditions. Crystal is created in the same manner, but the cooling processes is controlled to be completed over a longer timeframe.

The final result is the two final materials have different structural configurations. Whilst both are suitable for the manufacturing of trophies, both are quite fragile, so care should be taken when handling the final products.

We have an extensive range of crystal trophies, ranging from the elegant-looking diamond shaped design to the conventional square ‘plaque’ style. As the raw material is quite malleable in its base form, shapes can be created to provide a more ‘customised’ and interesting look to the final product. We are able to engrave or sandblast on to most of the crystal trophies.

Our crystal trophies can be purchased in very small, or large quantities pending on your requirements. All orders are carefully packaged and shipped using our courier network to ensure no damage will come to your trophies. Should you require specific engraving, we invite you to contact us to discuss your order.

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