Top 5 Ways in Which Small Businesses can Benefit from Promotional Products


For any business to do well it requires maximum exposure to the public. Such exposure is normally achieved through websites, advertisements in newspapers, in magazines, or ads on the television.

However there are a few other ways to promote a business – such as company giveaways, personalised business cards, talks at organized meetings and last but not least, promotional products. The 5 major ways promotional products for small businesses can boost sales are listed below.

Add Value
When selecting a product to boost the business it does not have to be something very expensive. Small businesses especially may not have a large budget to splurge on expensive items. You should choose something that’s reasonably priced, but will make a lasting impact on the recipient.

People love to get something for nothing and each time they receive a promotional product, however small and simple – your company will gain in recognition. One example would be is, if you own a small store.

When the clients leave with their purchases, include a fun freebie in their bag. For sure the client will be back to shop at your store.

You have to ensure that your business is kept continuously in the public eye. Media advertising (TV, magazines and newspapers) could prove somewhat expensive. So instead you should think of a particular promotional product that would be useful to your clients.

If you are a bar owner perhaps you could give out bottle openers. Or if you run a garage you could give a box of hand tissues – something most people would need in their car.

Brand Your Business
Every business owner will have business cards to hand out. Since usage of such cards happens frequently, besides handing over the card, you could also give a branded product such as a pen, diary-stand etc. Or, as an owner of a computer business you could present a USB drive after fixing up a machine.

Change is Good
Change is always good. So even with respect to any promotional products you decide on, do not stick to the same item for a long period of time. Every six months or so, you could think of an item that would be fun for the receiver and yet not make a dent in your expense budget.

Brand Recognition
Concentrate on increasing your brand recognition. You have to be different from your competitors. So get creative in your marketing strategy. Go in for simple yet useful promotional products which will increase awareness of your brand in the business world.

Besides the above tips on what and how to use promotional products, you could also consider ‘where’. Check out places where crowds gather such as a football match; a home exhibition; or even a circus. Handing out simple items (bearing your logo) would help to get your company some recognition. People enjoy getting freebies and the more people you can reach out to, the more chances of making your product known.

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