Signage’s a Retailer cannot afford to ignore

If you want to be successful in your business in a short span of time, the only way is to get noticed by the customers. And what better way than a signage! A quality signage communicates with the customers and draws their attention, ultimately leading to a higher footfall.


Wondering why signs are so important? Just as you hire the most talented salesman to increase your bottom-line, your in-store signs should equally be more innovative and clear. Signage helps your customers move around your shop without having to seek the help from your staff for the most basic queries.


Just as you set standards for an employee’s expectations for their conduct and appearance, you should also take care of your sign’s color, visibility, message, and quality. Your signs can perform a wide range of duties such as sales information, way-finding to common product information.


Retail Signage Best Practices

Irrespective of the kind of signs that you decide to use in your retail store, here are a few things to be considered:


Be Specific: A sign can be customized to give the right message at the right place and this is known as narrowcasting. When you design a sign, you should include precise details such as location-specific instructions and relevant product information.


Keep it Simple: Your sign should convey a clear message, and this is done when you keep it simple. A sign with too much of information can often be ignored. Use a five-second-rule which means that the main themes in your message should be conveyed in less than five seconds.


Make a call to action: Any good advertiser knows that you need to consider a call for action to prompt the customer to proceed further.


Write a tag-line:
A catchy tag-line is half the battle won! Phrase a line that is self-explanatory and helps the customers to connect with the products easily.


Outdoor Signage:

Your first and most important kind of signage is the outdoor signage because this is what drives your customer into your store. Use an effective, simple and informative sign that gives your customer the essence of your business. The entrance signs, window signs, awnings and sidewalk signs are some of the examples of outdoor signage.


Informational Signage

Informational signage can also be known as directional, departmental, or way-finding signage. The main objective in using these signs is to help your customers navigate your store easily. The informational signage must be crisp and clear, easy enough for the clients to understand at a glance. You can use bold colors and high fonts to serve the purpose. A customer, who is comfortable in shopping at your store, is more likely to visit frequently.


Persuasive Signage

This is one of the most popular signage used in the advertising industry. Persuasive signs can influence customers and also improve the interaction level. Signs that have a particular type of product offer a great opportunity for the retailers to let the customers know about their new stock, seasonal products or any featured product. While many advertisers may say that only eye-catching and witty signs are persuasive, some say that an effective sign is enough to draw the customers.


ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant Signage

Giving your customers accessibility via entrances, parking way, restrooms, and elevators can make your disabled customers feel more comfortable. You need appropriate signs for all the accessibility features you install. Any permanent signs such as elevators, bathrooms, exit, and entrance must be in Braille form as well.



Some may be surprised to see that mats can work as signs. They can be quite versatile as they not only serve your safety and cleanliness needs but, also can be used for informational and promotional needs. You can add the brand logo to the mats and use it as a means of promotion.


When using any of these signs, be sure to analyze and look at them from the customer’s perspective. Imagine that you’re someone who’s entering the store for the first time. A mock session is sure to plan the signage in an efficient manner. This will help you assess the sign and its quality.


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