The role of Safety Signs as a Communication Tool

Communication is vital in every sphere of life and it can be carried out in multiple ways. It is just not the words that complete a communication. Sometimes, the signs serve better than the formal communication. We see hazards around us on a very regular basis, and it’s no surprise that danger is around us all the time. This is where we should use safety signs and symbols for our safety as they help to indicate various risks that are present around us. In workplaces, they warn workers to watch out for hazards and to steer clear of anything that might cause damage.


Safety signs aren’t only used for informing us about the presence of hazards but, also to create awareness about workers’ safety. It’s crucial to reduce accidents in the workplace especially in heavy industries, manufacturing plants, and construction sites.


The main objective is to get most of the safety signs and symbols, and this can be done when you choose the appropriate signs for your work location. Each area needs different workplace safety, health signs, and symbols. This is mainly due to the diversity in hazards in each work area. There should be a risk assessment of each activity to understand and identify hazards. Proper actions for ensuring safety can be drawn up, and then you can select the right safety sign. Safety signs should regularly be changed in regards to their location as there can be chances of “sign blindness”.

Safety Signs and Symbols Standards

These signs and symbols consist of messages, words, and pictures in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Most of the shapes and colors are generalized. However, there is a meaning associated with every color and shape that are used in communication signs.


The use of standardized health and safety signs and symbols make it understandable and help in overcoming the language barriers. The new ISO 7010 standard is the first step towards the harmonization of safety symbols on a global level.

Safety Signs – Shapes

The main shapes used in workplace health and safety signs are circles, triangles, squares and rectangles.

  • Triangles: They indicate caution and warning, for example, electric shock or toxic gas.
  • Circles: They indicate recommended actions or mandatory actions. Example: Wearing hard hats or safety goggles.
  • Squares or Rectangles: These are used for showing information mostly general information and emergency information such as firefighting and first aid.
  • A circle with a 45-degree diagonal slash through the center from the upper left to the lower right represents actions that are forbidden or prohibited.

Safety Signs – Colors

Red, yellow, blue, and green are the colors used in workplace safety signs and symbols. Each of these colors represents a different meaning and are a source of attraction.

  • Red Signs: The red signs are used for designating areas for emergency devices like firefighting equipment or to give importance to unsafe or forbidden actions.
  • Yellow Signs: The yellow signs notify workers to be alerted of hazards and to take caution thus reducing necessary risks.
  • Blue Signs: The blue signs indicate a specific action or behavior. For example, they can be used to instruct workers to wear personal protective equipment.
  • Green Signs: The green signs indicate the location of emergency measure and equipment such as first aid kits, escape ladders, emergency windows, fire exits, assembly points or evacuation routes.

Safety Signs – Pocket Guides

A simple pocket guide on the wide range of colors and symbols can be great for reference material. These are also exceptionally useful for workplace safety training and can also be issued into new employee induction training. Safety signs are the best communication tools for avoiding danger and hazards. It’s vital to observe the signs around us so that we can be safe and also avoid the risk of getting hurt.


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