Rewarding Your Team – Discover What Makes Trophies and Awards so Special for Your Team


You want to applaud your team and show your appreciation towards your employees. An incentive or a non-cash award is always welcome.

Trophies and awards are always a good idea to show how much you value your team members. More importantly, your message of appreciation reaches not just the team members but also to their family and friends.

Trophies and awards have always been an integral part of good team building in businesses around the world. All you need to do is choose the right trophy to make your team feel really special.

Why Trophy Value Works?

When an employee looks at an award or trophy, he always recalls his work performance and its appreciation by you. It will never go away from his memory.

Moreover, a tangible item works to build brand recall among the people near the person who got the award. In more ways than one, plastic name badges or trophy encourages the receiver and others to work harder and better.

Choosing the Right Award

As an employer, you may find it difficult to choose the right awards each time. Make sure you do not repeat your trophy gifts. Your employees will not appreciate it if you gift the same merchandise year after year.

Merchandise of course, is one of the choices you have when it comes to choosing rewards. These can range from discount offer at a shopping mall to wristwatches to a TV. Gift cards, discount vouchers and shopping incentives are also good ideas. If you are able to spend more, an all-expenses paid trip to a resort can also make it to your list of ideas.

Keep in mind the sentiments of your employees. It is important to strike the right note and not give something that they don’t really need or may not be able to use.

Cash is Not Really an Award

While your employees do appreciate a hike in their salaries on regular basis, giving cash to them as an award is not really a great idea. Cash does not have trophy value. The moment it is spent on something, it will be forgotten.

Merchandise, travel and gift items tend to remain in memory for a really long time. When the receiver sees it on his desk or table, he recalls the happy moments associated with the incentive. It also sends a positive impression of both the company and the person who received the trophy.

Promote a Favourable Image

When you are thinking of promoting the brand image of your company, there is nothing better than a promotional item or trophy to choose from. You can give a coffee mug with your logo printed on it or you could gift an expensive wristwatch that comes in a custom designed box that carries your brand name.

At Recognition ID, we can help you choose the right trophy for giving your employees and business associates to show your appreciation. Call us today!

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