Mighty Name Badges – Small Things that Make a Big Difference

Seen in isolation, name badges may seem nothing more than a space displaying wearers’ name. But, these small badges can do wonders for your business when used smartly, with a sense of purpose.


Name badges can be a vital part of your business branding programmes. From increasing the reach of your business to promoting better customer relations, they deliver several benefits.


Takes your Brand Everywhere

When your employees wear their name badge, they carry your company’s logo too. Employees are wearing them when they interact with your customers; when they are out on business lunches; and on business visits within or outside the country.


With numerous corporate occasions come numerous opportunities of brand promotion. Your brand gets advertised through your employees’ name badge.


Delivers a Lasting Impression

An Officeworks name badges lends a professional look to the wearer. This professionalism in appearance delivers a favourable first impression. People meeting your employees are more likely to remember the interaction for the professional approach involved. Your brand is more likely to stay on people’s minds this way, earning your brand good awareness and reputation.


Boosts Customer Service

With a name badge, a customer is able to identify the person speaking to him (her) with a name. This, in itself, is a good start to a positive interaction, and lends a personal touch to it. Customers derive greater satisfaction when there is a personal element involved in an interaction.


A name badge also enables customers to remember the go-to person to get their issues resolved. This is far better than a service where customers interact with only nameless faces. With personalisation and efficiency in service, customers are far more likely to remain your customers.


Good customer service is a distinguishing factor that enables you to keep your existing customers and gain a sharp edge over competitors.


Promote your Company Activities to the Hilt

Be it an event, a new marketing campaign, or a product/ service, you can use your employees’ name badge to promote anything related to your company. Contrary to traditional marketing methods, a name badge strategy gives you a highly affordable visible space for advertising your brand.


In the absence of events, you can promote your company culture in a cool way. For example, if you deal in cakes, you could have a name badge designed to display the wearer’s name and his/ her favourite cake.


Conveys your Vision at every Level

A name badge helps instil a sense of pride, purpose and commitment in your employees. This attitude develops a sense of ownership in employees at every level. They tend to focus more on ways in which they can contribute to the overall vision of the company.


This very attitude of purpose in employees gets conveyed to customers during interactions. Overall, it develops a great respect for the brand.


It is important to have your corporate name badge designed in favour of your brand to experience said benefits. Plan the colour, design and logo meticulously so that your name badge delivers an impressive brand visual that stays long on viewers’ minds.

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