Tips to design the perfect name badge for events

A name badge is an important part of an individual’s identity in the workplace. Every employee can wear a name badge and it helps to get to know the co-workers, customers, and the Management. Many businesses issue a name badge to their staff members. Using a name badge also promotes familiarity among staff persons. This can help to boost productivity and promotes teamwork. All these factors benefit the organization.


Variants of Name Badges:

You don’t need to depend on specific identifications to suffice the necessities of the association. You can either decide on plastic identifications, attractive identifications, metal identifications, reusable identifications and other such variations. The badge can be customized to suit the company’s requirements.


Add a logo:

Most of the organizations prefer only the name of the employees in the name badge. However, it is better to add a company logo to the badges as they help in brand recognition. It is a proud feeling for every employee to be an integral part of the organization. If you are more into conferences and events, the name badges with company logo will add to the promotional quotient by default.


Be clear with the font:

The font on the badge should be clear. The employee’s name should be clearly visible such that the observer can read without straining their eyes. The font should not be an artistic font. A bold font would promote the name of the employee. Choosing a plastic badge or a metal badge is a good option. However, selecting a magnetic badge would make even more sense, because such a badge can be attached to clothing without any hassle.


Choose the right color:

Name badges can also be colored attractively, but professionally it is better to avoid funky colors. A sober color shade will allow the company logo to stand out and the letter to be visible. As a mark of corporate identity, the badge indicates that the company is serious about its business. The name badge should also be geometrically proportionate. Therefore, the designing of the badge would need careful consideration.


Avoid too much information:

Adding too many details to the name badge will give it a cluttered look. The name badge should be simple yet attractive. The badge should look neat and the information that it contains must be readable. Adding the name, company logo and the designation are sufficient.


The above tips can help you to create the perfect badge for your next event. Name badges have a number of benefits and this makes it essential to design them with utmost care. An attractive looking name badge will help to build a positive image for your brand. If you are looking for quality name badges in Australia, visit Recognition ID. We are Australia’s largest manufacturer of name badges, trophies, signage and more. We have wide design options to help you choose the best badge for your event. We offer products of superior quality and provide an amazing customer service to offer you a fulfilling experience. You can get in touch with us to know more about our product.


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