Why should you color code your employee name badges?

Have you ever wondered how one can make an employee name badge more distinctive and noticeable? Color coding is the perfect choice for this purpose. It makes the complete identification process easy, quick and hassle-free.




  • The personnel at reception desks as well as security guards can recognize employees easily with the help of color coded name badges. It is convenient to distinguish between junior, part time and senior staff members with the help of color coded name badges.

  • Not all staff members have total inter departmental access in most of the companies. Also, there are few floors, rooms, cabins, amenities, and facilities that cannot be accessed by each employee. In such cases, a color-coded name badge will be helpful to categorize employees based on their security levels.

  • With the help of color coded name badges, one can distinguish visitors from employees or contractors from on-staff employees, differentiate departments within a company, or classify access privileges within different areas in a building.

  • With the help of colour coding, the look of your name badges can complement the logo of your brand.

  • Appropriate for differentiating ID types and employee roles for faster identification.

  • Ideal for boosting morale and to identify your organization’s name badges amongst the others in the group.


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