How to Choose the Best Marketing Promotional Materials

Promotional products are a powerful marketing tool and play a key role in the company’s advertising strategy. If thoughtfully picked, promotional products can immensely help to boost brand image and garner visibility for the business. In fact research clearly indicates that promotional products create a marketing tactic that can enable you to generate new leads, enhance sales and establish positive associations with your target audience. The advantage of longevity and repeat impression makes promotional products deliver results that can otherwise not be achieved with other marketing channels.


When efficiently integrated with different marketing strategies, promotional tools can elevate your marketing performance to a new level of excellence. However, given the countless options available, the task of choosing the right promotional product might appear to be a challenging one. Before you begin, you need to remember that every business has its own unique need and marketing strategy. This implies that while selecting a promotional material you need to pick a product that best works for your campaign. You need to ensure that your promotional product is:

  • Beneficial to the recipient
  • Relevant to your brand
  • Effectively represents your brand


Based on the above factors, we have elaborated a few tips that will help you choose the right product and derive maximum benefit from promotional items.


Understand your target audience:

Recognising your potential customers forms the foundation of any marketing strategy. If you are catering to a wider audience, you can choose promotional merchandise with a broad appeal like a pen or customised mug. However, if your products are meant for a particular group, you need to choose something that is specifically useful to your customers. To ensure that your giveaway is able to yield lots of goodwill, you need to select a product that the recipients will enjoy and find beneficial.


Determine your budget:

Another key factor that plays a vital role in determining your promotional product is the available budget. You need to have a realistic plan about the amount that you can spend and the price range that will work best for you. While experimenting with new ideas, you should initially work with a limited budget. You can allocate more funds if the idea works out as expected. In this regard, you can choose products with longer shelf life. This will offer the dual benefit of reducing cost and increasing visibility through repeated use. You can order non-perishable materials in bulk and use them through the year. The recipients will also be able to use the products for a longer duration.


Add variety in promotional items:

The use of different colours and various shapes should be seriously considered in the designing of marketing promotional materials. Low-end plastics can be used to create badges, small paper weights, paper clips, and pens. These products can be stamped with a business logo to promote brand visibility. In addition, the public reaction should be noted and relevant changes must be made in the promotional materials in tune with public preferences. Recycled materials should be mainly considered in the creation of the various items. This course of action not only reduces the cost of manufacturing but, also reflects highly on the company’s image.


The choice of materials:

The business enterprise should carefully select the materials to be used for promotional giveaways. Paper and plastics – both represent versatile, low-cost materials that can be spread with many colours and can be moulded into a variety of shapes. These can be fashioned into many small items for daily use – such as pens, clips, magnets, etc. The utility herein lies in the fact that these small pieces of promotional material are durable and can be used by a wide variety of people. The manufacturing and distribution costs can be accepted by most businesses through their publicity budgets. Colourful, attractive paper clips, pens etc. can be used to spread the marketing message to every segment of society and to every age group. Further, certain items such as – caps, bottle openers, key chains, wrist watches, small bags, and water bottles – can also be chosen as marketing materials.


Set your distribution plan:

For successful implementation, you need to consider all aspects of your marketing strategy with promotional materials. You need to figure out the distribution method as some products work better than the other for certain distribution schemes. Lightweight items like pens, magnets can be a part of direct mail campaigns. Heavier items like mugs are perfect to be distributed at trade shows.


The right promotional material can help to differentiate your marketing strategy and create a positive image for your brand. If you are looking for promotional tools for your next campaign, visit Recognition ID.


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